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ReelMowerOceanport, NJ – Local homeowner, Mark Murphy, fired his lawnmower yesterday after comments made by the lawnmower sparked a statewide debate over snow blowers’ rights.

On Monday, while much of the Northeast was gearing up for the latest barrage of snow and ice from Winter Storm Pax, Murphy’s lawnmower called his snow blower colleague “a winter-lover” during an interview with Municipal Workers’ Journal.  The lawnmower went on to say that snow blowers in general, “shouldn’t receive the same treatment as real, hard-working machines.”

“I can’t have that kind of mentality in my yard,” Murphy said of his decision to fire his lawnmower.  “I don’t know what came over him in that interview.  He’s usually rather mild mannered.  Obviously, he’s not the mower I thought he was.”

The lawnmower defended his comments Thursday saying his comments were in reference to the walk-behind version of his winter counterpart.

“I’m not talking about all snow blowers,” the lawnmower said.  “I’m talking about the walk-behinds.  I mean, yeah, it’s been a bad winter and there’s been a lot of work for him, but c’mon some years it doesn’t snow at all.  He just sits there most winters, taking up space in the shed.  And, in the summer, forget about it.”

“Now, the backpacks, those are some hardworking sonsabitches,” the lawnmower added. “They work all year round doing double-duty as snow blowers and leaf blowers.  Do you think the walk-behinds deserve the same treatment the backpacks get?  I don’t.”

The lawnmower was asked if, perhaps, his anger toward snow blowers might stem from jealousy over the snow blowers infrequent workload.

“No, not at all,” the lawnmower said.  “I’m proud of what I do.  I mow every week, sometimes twice, for most of the year.  I’m happy with the time off I have in the winter.  It’s not right.  I’m actually disgusted by the treatment the snow blower gets.  It’s a man and his mower, not a man and his blower, you know what I mean.”

Most of the other tools in the yard declined to comment on the situation but the rake had this to say, “You know with spring cleanups coming up in a couple of weeks, I don’t want to get involved in all this.  Everyone’s got their own opinions, but I need to work.  I got bags to feed.”

Murphy said he’s disappointed in the latest developments in his yard and would have to think twice next time he’s at the Home Depot.

“It’s sad,” Murphy said.  “I didn’t think this kind of thing was still going on, especially not in my yard.”

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