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Ladybugs Dance

A butterfly floats through the darkness that exists just outside its world

Life crawls along and seems to always cry alone

His face is wrenched and his words are like daggers that drop like tears

Ladybugs dance across boats that resemble bridges to waste away in clearings in forests with singing trees where blue giraffes munch the leaves off of blue trees and make company for lonely slugs and desperate men

Wolves howl at a moon that shines like an eye, drenched and half-closed

Hearts lie fading like neglected tombs and crushed like cardboard boxes

Blood drips from the sky splashing windshields of cars driving slowly through secluded back-roads while wild dreams sip orange juice wishing life would explain itself

And a butterfly dies in the light of all the world

And everything waits in silence watching tears answer questions

While ladybugs dance


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A skinny man, long and tall

Inspiration surrounds him and holds him tight

He is forced to bleed and his soul pours out

The stains he creates form a picture of extreme passion and furious anger

His hurt knows know bounds

The bleeding is what keeps him alive



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